About Us


(He/They), Musician, Videographer, Creative Industries Consultant
Owner – Manager

I’ve been involved in the music industry for 15 years in many different roles.
I started Bad Octopi Productions in 2016 after having difficulty finding an affordable supplier to create videos for my own band. I never thought I’d love filming music as much as I enjoy playing it, but 6 years and hundreds of videos later I think I can safely say I do!

If you’re reading this you probably already understand the role visuals and video can play in complementing and bolstering your acts’ music. High quality live videos, music videos for releases, tour promotions and event wraps are all essential tools in your acts promotional arsenal. Using off-cuts from those main video staples is also a great way to feed the ever hungry social media content monster.

As a musician myself, I have a firsthand understanding and knowledge of what bands want out of their clips. I strive to find the right balance between portraying an act and gig’s energy in the best light possible, without intentionally skewing the reality for industry folks.

I also understand the financial limitations of working musicians and I budget accordingly to ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of your video project.

Over the years I’ve done a fair few things in the music business.

  • As a performer I’ve toured extensively, both nationally and internationally with my originals blues/rock act, as well as writing and producing a musical comedy.
  • As a tech I’ve worked as a live sound engineer, roadie and stagehand at everywhere from the local pub to some of Australia’s largest festivals and stadium shows.
  • I’ve worked for bands and venues on the administrative side as an agent/booker, tour manager, graphic designer, photographer and videographer.
  • As a consultant I’ve collaborated with city councils’ creative departments to deliver music industry professional development programs, as well as original live music programs that provided paid live gig opportunities for bands throughout Covid-19, and livestreamed those performances for the broader community.
  • In 2020 I co-founded a Not-For-Profit artists collective in my local area called ‘Assorted Grains Inc.‘ Our organisation has been putting on small live music and multi-disciplinary arts events for the local community using our custom trailer stage.

All of that is just to say that when you hire Bad Octopi to produce your video, we really do bring a diverse range of music industry experience and knowledge to the project.

I LOVE talking music and video, feel free to get in touch anytime to chat about your video or project idea!

Kira (KayJay) Fetting

(She/They), Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer
Diploma in Graphic & Web Design
Diploma in Visual Arts – Fine Art

KayJay is a visual artist, videographer and photographer with an eye for detail and a knack for creative problem solving. A gifted musician and experienced performer she has a wealth of technical knowledge and is a wellspring of industry information. Aside from her videography and visual art, KayJay is a frequent stage manager at Dead Of Winter Festival, guitar builder, soundscape and mathcore composer, pedal tinkerer and all round creative mastermind.


(He/Him), Cinematographer, Director, DOP
Bachelor of Film
Advanced Diploma in Screen & Media, Filmmaking

Kyle is an exceptionally talented cinematographer, self confessed camera nerd, lighting and grip connoisseur, and the all-rounder legend you always want with you on set.
From feature films to reality TV, Kyle has worked in every department on set and brings a wealth of knowledge, technical capability and experience to every shoot.

What’s In A Name?

Octopuses (or ‘Octopodes’, or ‘Octopi’ depending on your grammatical leanings) are highly intelligent, have Ninja-like camouflage skills and are generally awesome and incredible! 
They are portrayed throughout stories and art as inquisitive and cheeky, gregarious yet vengeful, even anarchistic and super-villainous.
If I had octopi for pets, I imagine the words “Bad Octopi” would escape my lips quite frequently.